almond oil for skincare

Almond Oil

Looking for an ancient ingredient that has been used for generations to fight inflammation and target fine lines? Then look no further, everything you need to know about almond oil and your skin is right here.

Why we love it:

It's great for your skin

Almond Oil (specifically sweet almond oil) is high in Vitamin A, which is actually the first vitamin approved by the FDA for anti-aging. It’s a member of the much-loved retinol family, making it great for treating wrinkles and strengthening skin.


It also helps reduce the negative effects of sun damage, because it contains Vitamin E. While we love getting outside, the sun is notorious for causing skin damage (please wear sunscreen and UV clothing!). Since you most likely don’t live in a cave, adding some oomph to your skincare that helps restore damage makes a lot of sense.


The anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties of almond oil means that it can help reduce the appearance of scars and uneven skin tone.


You can apply sweet almond oil directly to your skin as a great oil-based moisturizer, or look for it in different skincare lines. It’s pretty popular among the natural brands.


It's sourced (somewhat) locally

There are two kinds of almond oil - bitter and sweet. The sweet kind is typically what you’ll see (and want) in skincare products. Bitter almond oil is more refined and comes from a different variety of almond.


The US is the largest producer of almonds in the World, and they predominantly grow in California. They also grow in Spain, Iran, and Morocco. The almonds are then pressed to release the oil and give you a great skincare ingredient!


We source our almond oil from a company based in the US that uses no additives and bottles right here in America.


It's been around for a long time

You’re in good company if you decide to start using this oil regularly. One of the first domesticated fruit trees in history, almond oil has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for ages.

Where you can find it

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