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5 Ways to Add Luxury to Your Everyday

We tend to think of luxury as being expensive and maybe a little exclusive. But I disagree. I think luxury is all about creating experiences that you love and make you feel pampered. Here are some ideas to add a little luxury into your routine:

1. Create a really great self-care routine that you look forward to

(Instead of spending a fortune on popular products you might not even like)

You don’t need a fancy, 15-step skincare routine twice a day everyday (let’s be real, that’ll just stress you out trying to keep up with it). What you do need is a handful of products that you absolutely love, and a routine that works for you. Maybe that’s a super soft moisturizer before bed and a special facial scrub once a week. Maybe you light a candle and take a bath, or sip some herbal tea while you do your makeup. Whatever it is, make it your own, and do it regularly.

2. Find a few outfits (or a lot) that you feel beautiful in

(Instead of filling your closet with designer clothes)

I have a couple of dresses that I just love to wear, and have figured out which accessories go best with them. And I repeat those same outfits all the time. Trust me, nobody notices if you wear the same getup often, but they do notice when you feel confident. I’d go as far to say you should have some lounge wear that fits just right too. When clothes fit well and make you feel good, it doesn’t matter what the brand is or what the price tag says.

3. Cook for yourself at home, and use your best dishes

(Instead of going to expensive restaurants all the time)

Fine-dining is always great, but not an everyday reality for most of us. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat some delicious food. Cook your favorite meal at home (something besides frozen pizza that is) and prepare a proper place setting. Use the china your Grandma gave you, drink out of the crystal glasses you found at the flea market, light a candle, and enjoy your dinner! Extra credit if you wake up early enough to make yourself a proper breakfast.

4. Put fresh flowers or house plants throughout your house

(Instead of hoping someone buys you a bouquet)

I’m a big believer in buying yourself flowers (or picking yourself flowers if you have some growing in your yard). You can find really good deals on flowers at some grocery stores, and definitely the farmers’ market. Cut the stems underwater right away and put a little sugar in the vase for the flowers to eat. Switch out the water and recut the stems every few days and they’ll last a surprisingly long time. If it hurts you too much to spend money on flowers that just die after a while, get a cute little plant for your room. My favorite is a potted mini rose bush (I find them for $5 in the Spring and they’re seriously so cute).

5. Get yourself organized (especially paperwork and finances)

(Instead of hiring a personal assistant)

It’d be great if we could all have someone to keep track of our appointments, bills, and errands… but that’s a bit unreasonable for most of us. Start by decluttering your space. It seriously feels amazing to get rid of stuff you don’t really need or want. Since it can be hard to get started, a good way to do it is to focus on one really specific area of your house (like a desk) and get rid of as much as possible before moving on. Then, put systems in place that you’ll actually use - think wall calendars, organizational boxes, helpful apps. When you feel in control of your stuff (and life!) you immediately feel more calm, and what’s more luxurious than that.

Keep finding ways to add a little luxury to your life, I’m sure you’ll come up with some great ideas without breaking the bank!

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