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Cranberry Seed Oil: The Superfood For Your Skin

Have you ever had someone recommend drinking cranberry juice to reduce inflammation (or a UTI)? Think if you could condense the anti-inflammatory properties of cranberries into a quick-absorbing and lightly-scented ingredient. How amazing that would be for your skin!

Enter: cranberry seed oil (or CSO for short), a superfood for your skin.


  • Omega 3, 6, and 9

  • The only known natural oil to be perfectly balanced in each of these key fatty acids, CSO is able to absorb deeper into your skin more quickly.

  • Cranberry seed oil can actually be taken as a daily supplement instead of fish oil capsules (it tastes much better, trust us).

  • Omega 3s help your skin cells hold in moisture, and keep irritants out.

  • Omega 6 (AKA Linoleic Acid) is a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient and has been shown to help with eczema when applied topically.

  • Vitamin E/Tocotrienol

  • Helps reduce oxidative stress. Antioxidants are key in natural skincare routines if one of your goals is anti-aging.

  • Fatty Acids/Phospholipids

  • Builds and restores the building blocks of skin and hair cells.

  • Boosts collagen production in skin, making it appear fuller and reducing fine lines.

  • Phytosterol

  • Brightens complexion while smoothing skin tone.

  • Anti-inflammatory and soothing, while helping to maintain skin’s moisture.

  • Vitamin A

  • An essential component of skin growth, which means it brings newer, healthier cells to the surface as old skin cells die off.

Here at Ibimi Botanicals, we love cranberry seed oil so much that we infuse it into every single product. Head over to the “shop” page and check it out!

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