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How to Clean your Face with Oil

Updated: Jun 1

Putting oil on your face to clean it might sound counterintuitive, but this might be the key to naturally balancing your skin.

When we use harsh cleaners that scrub away our body’s natural oils, it can cause our skin to overcompensate by producing even more oil. It also disrupts our skin’s natural protective layer of good bacteria. When skin gets out of balance, whether too dry or too oily, it leads to breakouts and other irritating skin issues.

Ready to try oil cleansing? Here’s how:

Step 1: Find an oil that fits your skin type. There are some great oils that you can buy to DIY your own cleanser. Our favorite is pure cranberry seed oil, because it’s great for all skin types and provides a lot of nourishment while you cleanse. You could also use olive oil, which is great for dry skin. Or castor oil, which is great for acneic skin. You can mix and match these to fit your needs! There are also a number of premade oil cleansers on the market. We’d suggest looking for something that’s all natural (and obviously we love our own oil-based cleanser ;) ).

Step 2: If you have long hair, now would be a good time to tie it away from your face! Make sure your hands are clean, and take about a tablespoon of oil in your palms. You can use a little less or a little more as needed; you might need more if you’re wearing a lot of makeup, or less if you’re bare-faced.

Step 3: Massage onto your face starting from your forehead and working your way to your chin. Keep on gently massaging for a minute or so, to really break down any makeup and work out any dirt from the day. You can use oil cleansers on eye makeup, but please be careful to not get it in your eyes! You can also put the oil on a cotton pad and gently wipe away eye makeup.

Step 4: Take a clean, soft washcloth and get it damp with warm water. Lay it over your face and let the warmth open up your skin; take some time, if possible, to unwind from your day :) . Then, gently wipe off the excess oil. Again, the key here is the word “gently”; you do not want to scrub too hard or irritate your skin.

Step 5: (Optional) Some people also like to follow up with a super gentle foaming cleanser to remove the remaining oil. If that’s how you choose to cleanse, just make sure you are using something gentle and hydrating.

Step 6: Follow up with the rest of your skincare routine! You might find that you don’t need as much moisturizer, or maybe something lighter. We like to follow our oil cleanser with a light toning spray, a targeted serum, and a moisturizer; but you should do whatever works for your unique skin.

Another Option to Note: if you happen to be out of clean washcloths (or in the middle of a long flight, for example) you can still use oil cleansers. Instead of using a washcloth, you can use damp cotton pads to wipe away excess; we just recommend washcloths for the environment and your bank account’s sake :) .

And that’s all! As always, test this new method on a small patch of skin first and don’t introduce more than one new product to your skin at a time. If your skin is reacting well to oil cleansing after a couple of weeks, then you should be in the clear! (Pro Tip: our Founder likes to try new products on her upper forehead first, that way she can wear a hat for a few days if her skin disagrees!).

Have you ever tried oil cleansing? Leave a note below on your experience (good or bad!).

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